An Exclusive Guide for Keno NZ Players

Keno is a game of chance very similar to Bingo.  Keno NZ is played nationally in New Zealand – with draws taking place four times a day at 10am, 1pm, 3pm and 6pm.   Profits generated from Keno NZ as well as other national Lottery games played in New Zealand, are transferred to the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board – with major beneficiaries of the board being the New Zealand Film Commission, Creative New Zealand and Sport New Zealand.  In 1994 Keno NZ was introduced to the selection of games offered by the New Zealand Lottery Board.

Mastering Keno NZ

Keno NZ involves little to no strategy, and is quite simple to master.  A Keno machine generates a number of balls for each draw.  A player makes a selection of numbers by using a Keno NZ playing card.  Each position on the Keno card is referred to as a Keno spot.  Numbers are arranged into 8 rows and 10 columns.

Players may also opt to go with the computer’s guess, by means of an auto-generated selection of numbers, referred to as a “quick pick”.

Once a selection of numbers have been paid, players are required to hand their Regardless of spin casino Canada, Keno cards over to cashiers at pre-determined Keno NZ playing points.  Players are then issued with an electronic duplicate version of their Keno card.  After the particular draw has taken place, players are required to hand their Keno NZ cards back to cashiers at the playing points, where the results are verified electronically.

Beating the Odds

Repeat hits (numbers that tend to come up often) are said to make up more than half of all winning number combinations drawn in Keno NZ.  Research also shows that approximately 55% of all drawings include equal odd and even numbers.

Keno NZ can be played at the many designated Keno points across New Zealand, or online draws can be played on the Internet.  Playing Keno NZ online has many advantages, including buying Keno tickets at reduced prices, instant real-time draws, a wide variety of bet sizes and the opportunity to play for free before wagering real money using credit card etc.

Many online casinos offer progressive jackpot Keno games, with the jackpot amount growing steadily until such time as all the numbers are predicted correctly.  Winning a progressive jackpot payout offers a chance real wealth, instantly – certainly a life-changing event.

Keno NZ Online

Keno NZ Online

Like keeping in mind while trying out pokies or other favourites, it is important to adhere to responsible online gambling when playing Keno NZ on an online platform.   Ensure that the chosen online casino is a reputable one – check that the casino is independently audited and verified.

Playing Keno NZ online extends the added benefit to players of being able to play in the comfort of their own homes.  Welcome bonuses are generally offered to new players, and have the potential to make a big difference to the size of the start-up kitty.

Keno NZ games can be accessed from all major operating systems and mobile devices, and deposits and withdrawals can be made in New Zealand Dollars.