Blackjack Pro High Limit for Casino Players at a Glance

Blackjack players who have a fair amount of experience playing the game online but have, hitherto, stuck to lower-limit variations may want to try Net Entertainment’s Blackjack Pro High Limit version when they do feel ready to up the ante.

Blackjack Pro High Limit is part of Net Entertainment’s extensive suite of online Blackjack variants and, largely because of its unique Double Jack side bet, offers a slightly safer way for players to enter the world of high-stakes Blackjack for the first time.

Increasing the Stakes

As its name suggests, the betting limits in Blackjack Pro High Limit, like other high-stakes versions of the game, are quite a bit higher than those found in standard Blackjack. Whereas NetEnt’s standard Blackjack option accepts bets ranging from up 1.00 to 40.00 credits, high-limit versions like Blackjack Pro High Limit wagers can reach as high as 500.00 credits.

The Net Entertainment Professional Series

As in Standard NetEnt Blackjack, Blackjack Pro High Limit pays 3:2, the dealer stands on 17 and draws to 16, and insurance pays 2:1. However, players familiar with NetEnt’s Blackjack software may be wondering what the difference is between standard Blackjack High Limit and Blackjack Pro High Limit.

The difference essentially lies in the fact that the Blackjack Pro High Limit is part of NetEnt’s Blackjack Professional Series. Regardless of limit, all Professional Series NetEnt Blackjack games differ from its standard Blackjack offerings in two ways:

  • Standard Blackjack can be played with up to five hands at the same time, whereas Blackjack Pro High Limit and other Professional Series games only offer a three-hand game.
  • Blackjack Pro includes a unique optional Double Jack side bet, whilst standard Blackjack does not.

Playing Casino Blackjack Pro

The Double Jack Side Bet

The Double Jack side bet is a unique optional wager that can be placed as part of the Blackjack game. With Net Entertainment, the only way to access the Double Jack side bet in a high-stakes game is to play Blackjack Pro High Limit, as the option is only offered as part of the professional series.

The Double Jack side bet must be placed after a regular bet but before any cards are dealt. In order for a Double Jack wager to win, either the first card in the standard Blackjack hand must be a jack or the first two cards in the hand must form a pair of jacks. In other words, in Blackjack Pro High Limit, the Double Jack side bet is lost if the first card dealt is not a jack.

Drawing two jacks of spades in the first hand is particularly lucky in Blackjack Pro High Limit as the extra bet is then multiplied by 100.

The Blackjack Pro High Limit Bottom Line

The presence of the optional Double Jack side bet moderates the risk involved in Blackjack Pro High Limit to some extent compared to standard high-limit Blackjack. This is why Blackjack Pro High Limit is a good choice for players who are only just starting out in the high-stakes arena.

Like quality pokies Australia, as part of the NetEnt Professional Blackjack Series, Blackjack Pro High Limit is a three-hand game with very high-quality 3D graphics and the opportunity for players willing to take the risk to get in line for a max win of up to 100 times their wagers.