The French Open in Detail for Bettors Online

The French Open is a tennis tournament which is open to both professional and amateur players. The games are a part of the Grand Slam series of tournaments which are held in various countries around the world.

Also known as the Roland Garros, the French Open is held in late May to early June each year. It is closely followed by people from all around the world. The French Open has both men and women competing, although not against each other. The only time that you will find both men and women on the court is a mixed doubles game where each team consists of both a man and a woman.

Format and Seeds

The French Open consists of 128 players, both male and female. Certain of those players are a favourite to win and are thus planted in the rankings before the tournament begins. This ensures that they do not meet too early in the games, and knock each other out. This is called seeding a player. For example in the 1990 game, the top two seeds were Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg. They were seeded so as to not meet each other until near the end of the tournament. Unfortunately and to everyone’s surprise, they were both knocked out in the opening games by their opponents.

The format of the French Open is, therefore, to keep the highest ranking players in the tournament for as long as possible, with the world’s top eight players making it to the quarter finals, semi finals and then finals.

The French Open Clay Court

Clay Court

The French Open is the only one of the Grand slam tournaments which are played on a clay court. A clay court is the slowest surface that tennis is played on, compared to cement, carpet or grass. Certain players fair better on clay than others, which obviously affects the outcome of the games. For players that specialise in clay court tennis, the French Open is the finest point in their career. When placing a bet on the French Open it is important to know which players specialise in this kind of surface.

French Open Betting

Comparing to political betting, there are various things that you can bet on in the French Open. Many of these bets are very well known and are offered the world over by both online and brick and mortar bookies. Choosing the best bookie with the best odds for you is essential to a positive wagering experience.

Bets such as outright bets and match betting will be offered by every bookie. These are bets on the outcomes of matches and the entire tournament. These bets should only be undertaken with a large amount of knowledge about tennis, and the various player’s strengths and weaknesses.

Handicap betting is a way of evening the games between players who are decidedly stronger on clay and those which are not. This type of betting is all based on games within a match. You basically bet on whether the favourite will lose no more than five games in a match, or that the underdog will win more than five games in a match.

Set betting is a good way to place bets in the early stages of the tournament. This type of betting entails predicting how a player will win a match in terms of sets won or lost.

Finally, the correct score bet is one of the highest paying bets on the French Open. This bet predicts the exact score that the match will finish on.